get your fix of halal pick ‘n’ mix

breaking news

Guys!! Great news… Morrisons has now started stocking halal pick ‘n’ mix! So get your asses there to show your support and make sure it’s here to stay!

For me this is a complete breakthrough… Firstly a major supermarket is stocking a halal product over the counter, not pre-packaged and is not afraid of any backlash. Instead the supermarket has realised the importance of catering for the Muslim community and respecting different diets.

Secondly… The Daily Mail (yes you heard me right) is celebrating the news…

Now if I remember correctly, The Daily Mail was the newspaper screaming and shouting about the fact Pizza Express and others use halal chicken and do not openly advertise it. So the second victory (yay us!) is that The Daily Mail is happy about the news and putting such a positive light on it. Woop woop!

See you guys at a Morrisons somewhere 😉