free burgers (chicken halal only) at kings cross today

breaking news

Hi all,

This is a quick one, but Fine Burger Co are rebranding to Prime Burger and are giving away 100 free burgers at Kings Cross Station between 1-2pm today. Only their chicken burger is halal (but please verify with them).

You need to download a voucher from the link below and take it with you. I understand there will be a range of burgers on offer, so if you are in the area maybe worth popping by. Otherwise probably not worth the journey as who knows how many chicken ones they’ll have or if they’ll have any:

If anyone manages to get one take a pic and tag @halal_you! 🙂

fatburger winner!!!

breaking news

Congratulations to Saif for winning the Fatburger competition!! Woop woop! A meal for two will be on its way to you very shortly.

I look forward to seeing a photo of it!

To those who entered, thank you so much for taking the time to do so. All the entries were delicious! I’ve just got to find time to make them all now… Although I suspect that’ll mean new larger jeans for me!

But seriously it means a lot having others contributing to my blog, so please do carry on. Hope to hear from you all soon 🙂