Welcome to the recipe section of my blog! First thing to alert you all to… I don’t measure things. So where I have quoted measurements they are an approximation. I have no scales, measuring jugs etc. at home. Don’t worry, when I resurrect my baking, I will get some 🙂

Garlic, ginger and paprika are my favourite ingredients, so you will find them in most if not all my recipes. I think they provide an excellent base for adding to and bringing out flavours. Also I’m Indian… so I practically have garlic and ginger running through my veins and the paprika is just to mix it up a little 😉

Anyway, please browse through the recipes and feel free to leave comments!

Thai Red Curry

So I got away with cooking this delicious Thai recipe without some of the ingredients which you may not have lying around, so I thought I would share. I don’t like to use sauces from a jar because I eat a decent amount for a tiny person (as you can maybe tell) so I like…

lime & coriander chicken with spicy rice

Serves: 2-3 Time: It’s a quick one… 35 mins (and you’re only cooking for half the time!) Ingredients Chicken 3 Chicken breasts 1 Lime (juice and zest) 1 generous handful of Coriander 4 Garlic cloves ½ tsp of Cayenne pepper powder Salt Pepper Olive oil Rice (you will probably have leftovers) ¾ mug of Rice…

healthy coleslaw

So I’ve adapted this recipe from one of Mr Jamie O’s (you’ll probably see me referencing him quite a lot, he’s got quite good shortcuts and I’m impatient!). As you might have seen from my Instagram I make a lot of dishes which include grilled meat and a side of potato or rice. This means…

prawn pasta bake

Serves: 4 – unless you are serving someone particularly ravenous (i.e. your other half), then maybe 3! Time: approx. 1 hour – I have been realistic and included veg chopping time *Warning: This recipe creates a lot of dirty dishes, so agree who’s washing up before you start* Ingredients 1 bowl (cereal bowl) of Dried…

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