i had a feast at beast

IMG_7537The run up to my birthday is a tense time for my husband. We both pull out all the stops and surprise each other with a restaurant for dinner for our birthdays. And as with everything, each year we try to top the last!

But the boy did very well! I always want a surprise, but always try to guess what it is and spoil it. My friends hate me for it. And for this one, I was completely clueless!

We got off at Oxford Circus Station walked up the road towards Bond Street then turned off past Maroush, turned the corner again and there hidden away behind the hustle and bustle of the busiest shopping street in London, is ‘Beast’. I was shocked, I’d never heard about it or even knew there was a restaurant there!


A maître de greeted us and it was an immediate lift down to the basement. I walked out and was greeted by a clear glass look into a meat dry ageing cabinet, heaven in a meat-lovers’ eyes! We gave our coats in and walked down the corridor which opened up into the most expansive and ornate dining area. Rows of huge, long dining tables and benches, full of candelabras, at the end of which was an open kitchen. It honestly took my breath away!

IMG_7561Enough of the background… The food. We pre-ordered a halal 600g fillet steak (chateaubriand) to share. Their normal halal option is a rib eye steak, so the fillet was a special request which took a lot of to and fro and no guarantee. Either way, order your halal steak in advance!

(Beast is actually the sister restaurant of Goodman’s, where you can also order halal steak in advance.)

IMG_7562For starters we had – scallops which were soft, succulent and in a lovely puree; pepper seared tuna, left raw on the inside, wow, melt in your mouth; and striped prawns, which were good but the flavours were nothing out of the ordinary. Definitely get the tuna, we were tempted to order another!

Now the main event… the steak. It was hands down the best steak I have ever had. The marbling was wonderful and because it had been dry aged, the flavours were bursting through. And even more than the tuna and harder to get with IMG_7609steak… It was melt in your mouth. I ordered it rare, and for once it was actually done rare. Coated in lovely seasoning and completely charred on the outside and untouched on the inside. Not something you can get easily and definitely not at home unless you have an immense fire pit!

I cannot stress enough how amazing the steak was, the downside for me now… it will be extremely difficult to top! Argh, it just gets harder and harder!

IMG_7573And the sauce on the side. Mwah! Truffle sauce. I normally don’t like to cover my steak with anything, but this sauce was delicately creamy, infused a hint of truffle. Completely indulgent, but completely worth it!

For sides we had thick cut truffle chips (yes truffle again!) and broccoli with garlic and pine nuts… It was a struggle to get through everything given the richness, but we made it. We could not move after and the meat sweats started to spring, but of course we had to have dessert!

We had a chocolate mousse, which was solid and coated in dark chocolate with a chocolate ball filled with rich caramel hidden inside. A great dessert because it was not too sweet, but just right. Although I did find the chocolate caramel ball and ate it whole. That was a hit of sugar! And I’m not sure that was how it should be eaten…

IMG_7595This place is completely a hidden gem, which you need to get yourself to! Honestly, the steaks… I have not had better (and I’ve had a lot of steaks!). Our total bill came to about £180, so this is definitely a special occasion kind of place. The steak itself was £66 for 600g, so very reasonable as far as good steaks go.

The restaurant is also known for crab and they recommend a steak and crab combination, but that would have made the total bill pretty eye watering, and to be honest I like crab but personally do not love it enough. But if you do and can afford it, go for it!

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