i could murder a fatburger!

Those of you who follow my Instagram (those that don’t, do it now… Halal You!) will know that I have been sunning myself in Toronto and Riviera Maya (Cancun)… Now I don’t have to tell you, being on holiday is great, but when I eventually got wifi and saw delectable pictures and reviews of Fatburger… I just wanted to be home!

So yesterday I landed back in the country at 1pm, got home at 3pm and was at Fatburger for 6pm. That’s pretty impressive, right? If anything shows my dedication to food, I think that’s it! Ok I admit, the fact it meant I wouldn’t have to cook added approximately 1mph or so to my walking speed as well!

Fatburger is not officially open yet, that will be happening on Sunday (24th May), however I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the venue and eat some delicious food.

Arriving outside I took the obligatory picture of the front of the restaurant from the otherFatburger Outside 2 side of the road, misconceiving this for being lost and checking googlemaps, my dad opened the door and started waving in a very exaggerated fashion. No matter how old you are they always still think of you as their little girl. I love it 🙂

On entering the venue I was immediately greeted by a lovely, modern interior. All the Fatburger locations listed on the wall to my left, the kitchen in front of me and a long wall to the right filled with numerous other signage, such as ‘Buffalo’s’, and slogans.

Fatburger Buffalo'sBuffalo Express is Fatburger’s chicken wing brand, and yes you will be happy to hear… it’s halal too! And the whole place is super-halaled by the fact that there is no alcohol or pig-stuff sold either… double yay!

After numerous greetings I managed to find myself a menu and was amazed by all the different options. Of course I had to have a burger, that was a given even before I arrived. I went for a single, as I knew I would be sampling an abundance of other things. Then collectively with a few others also got some skinny fries, fat fries, onion rings, chicken wings, boneless chicken wings and chicken tenders… oh and later on ordered a milkshake. Now before you judge me, I was being selfless so all of you, my lovely readers, could get a full and comprehensive review! 🙂 …Also, this was to be my lunch and dinner.

Let’s take this bit by bit… The burger. Mmm… So as mentioned I went for a single Fatburger Burgerpatty, with cheddar cheese, all the usual salad and then added chilli sauce and beef bacon. Do it! I am telling you, you will not regret it. The meat was really good quality, juicy and all the flavours worked so well together in the burger. The bun was also of good quality, white with egg-wash on top… and I know what you burger connoisseurs are wondering, did it stay together?? Yes it did! Sign of a good and well thought out burger in my opinion! A piece of advice… hold the burger inside the wrapper. Otherwise good luck!

Now the chicken wings… There has been a lot of talk about these and rightly so! Fatburger All WingsFirstly you can have wings with or without the bone and then you can also get chicken tenders (or strips to you and me). On top of that they give a sliding scale of spice for you to choose your coating from. How clever! Within these are both dry rubs and more saucy numbers. So I went for the coconut jerk, cajun dry rub and hot. I liked the cajun dry rub the best, but I think this is really just personal preference. Everyone I spoke to loved all the flavours, so you can’t go wrong!

Something on the menu that shocked me was that they sell a bucket of 100 wings, yes you read right 100 pieces, for £86! You either have to be an incredibly large American (no offence) to order it or be one chicken-wing loving family. If any of you do get it, please send me a picture! I don’t think I have ever seen that many wings together in my life! And if you finish it, I will definitely give you a shout out… sorry I’ve got nothing else to offer 😦

Fatburger Onion RingsOk now the rest of the sides, well fries will be fries… They were good. Not much else to say really. And the onion rings also good, crispy batter and not too oily.

The milkshakes… wow! Be prepared. I could never finish one of those bad boys myself. I tried a vanilla one. It was yummy, very rich and basically a lot of ice cream. And that’s what you want in a milkshake, right? It was also topped with whipped cream. Definitely indulgent and more like a dessert I would say. The perfect way to finish off a lovely meal!

Ok now the soppy bit… As I rolled myself home I thought how so so immensely impressed I was with all those involved in setting up and running the place. From the franchisees, to management, to the service staff… the venue is amazing, location doubly amazing as it’s so central and more importantly only 15 mins away from me (I’m sure my waistline will not be happy with that in a few months), the food is scrumptious, the service great… what more do you need?? And most importantly I am so thankful that it was snapped up by some fellow halals and we can be part of such an amazing event. At last we can eat at a good global burger chain, right here on home soil.

Least we can do is show our gratitude by eating lots of Fatburger burgers… I definitely will be and I’m sure you are all more than happy to do that too 🙂

2 thoughts on “i could murder a fatburger!

  1. Hello! Thanks for the review. Just a few questions, what’s the nearest tube station and how far is it from the restaurant? And how well was the burger cooked (I hate any signs of redness in my burgers)?


    1. Hi Nihal, glad the post was useful 😊

      Camden Town station is the closest (northern line). The restaurant is on Jamestown Road, just 2 min walk, it’s before you get to the Lock.

      Burgers are cooked through but still juicy so you shouldn’t have a prob. But maybe just mention it when you order, I’m sure they would be willing to ensure there’s no redness.

      Let me know how you find it!


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