eating out

i had a feast at beast

The run up to my birthday is a tense time for my husband. We both pull out all the stops and surprise each other with a restaurant for dinner for our birthdays. And as with everything, each year we try to top the last! But the boy did very well! I always want a surprise,…

everybody knows about burgista bros

When my brother and sister in law invited us to watch a movie in Westfield and lunch I thought it was a great opportunity to try Burgista Bros at last! Shepherds Bush is their first outlet, but they also have another, new outlet in Baker Street… and from their website, they’re looking to grow further.…

ring a ting ting

So I’ve been on a bit of a budget recently, why? Because things are flippin’ expensive! But also I do like the finer things in life, especially when it comes to food (obvious, I know), so the super-budgeting means I still get to treat myself on special occasions. And one of those occasions presented itself…

Merci for Searcy’s

So I have two very close friends and the three of us are together most of the time. One is my school friend so I have known her for 20 years (makes me feel pretty old) and the other, my university friend and we have just celebrated our 10th anniversary 🙂 Now those of you…

i saw the honey monster on my way to steak and lobster

I had walked past Steak and Lobster a few times as it is a short walk from my flat, just near the British Museum. The first time I saw it I did a double take as I thought I read Burger and Lobster, which of course it is not…

ye you, go to ceru!

So here comes the back story… since starting this blog, all the foodies in hiding have come out and one friend in particular has been amazing at sending me and inviting me to foodie things. I was typing away at work

it’s not fiction… it’s pop brixton!

I love street food… I love the variety you get, the offering is different from the norm and the general atmosphere and bustle is just so fun!

a while ago at house of ho

My recent holiday meant I was going to miss my best friend and her husband’s birthdays. So (of course) I said that we should all go out for a meal before…

i could murder a fatburger!

Those of you who follow my Instagram (those that don’t, do it now… Halal You!) will know that I have been sunning myself in Toronto and Riviera Maya (Cancun)…

off we go to meat co

I was treated to a Meat Co dinner last Friday to celebrate my birthday. It was the first celebration of the weekend long event that was my birthday! So I should have been excited for the festivities ahead right…

why oh why roti chai

A friend of mine was visiting from ‘the north’ and so naturally that meant… feast time! Any excuse to eat right?? So who does the venue choice now fall to…

yo it’s pho

So Pho is one of my staple favourites. And that’s saying something as I don’t like going back to the same place. I think it’s boring and there are so many places to try in London. Saying all of that…

wow bunny chow

So I took a punt when I saw there was a street food concept setting up shop in Soho and emailed them to ask if the meat is halal…

the boom dishoom

There was chat around the office about a new Dishoom opening and when I heard it was around the corner from my flat…

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