about me

I am a twenty-something management consultant IMG_3377who works in the meat sector. Have you ever heard that combination before?

I never thought I would end up working in the meat, I mean who does really… it’s not something a little kid grows up telling their parents they want to do. But nonetheless here I am and I love it!

Also I am a Muslim and so only eat halal meat. It makes me sad when I see people out enjoying a good steak and burger which I can’t eat, but I am on a mission to make halal meat more widely available in shops and restaurants… someway, somehow.

So why this blog… well working in meat and then moving out of my parents house where my lovely mother would cook delicious food, meant I had to cook to survive and also my meat intake went through the roof!

I am by no means a pro cook or a seasoned foodie, but just your every day busy young professional who wants to have good, healthy food but is short of time.

I do not want this to be a one-way street where I tell you about recipes and places I have eaten, but instead I would love your input on what works for you, try my recipes and tell me how to improve them… I am really looking to create a collaborative space where young, busy people can share ideas to help others eat well.

Even though this is a halal blog, it does not mean it is only for those that eat halal food. People of all backgrounds are welcome. After all what fun would it be if we only stuck to what we know!

So please browse my blog, leave me your comments and get in touch…

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