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Hi guys,

I’ve got some exciting news…The lovely people at Fatburger have given me a meal for two to give away! I know… Yay!! 🙂

I would love to give you all the prize, but as I only have one I had a think about how I would choose. See who sucks up to me the most… Ask you all to cook me a meal and judge the best chef… Take bribes generally… All these ideas ran through my head, but I thought no I must be fair and it should be related to burgers.

So here it is… In order to be in for a chance to win the meal for two (if you’re generous you could treat someone, if you’re greedy you could just have two yourself!) you need to:

1. Follow this blog so I know who you are! How to do this – scroll right to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the ‘Follow blog via email’ field. You will then receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription. If you’re on WordPress it’s even easier, just click the ‘Follow’ button at the top of the page and it’ll automatically know who you are 🙂

2. The fun bit… At the bottom of this post you should see a ‘Leave a reply’ box, please write your recipe for the ultimate burger in here! How would you cook the burger, would you add anything to the patty, toppings, sauce, bun… The whole lot!

If you don’t see the reply box, click on the ‘X Comments’ option in italics at the bottom of the post after all the tags.

3. There is no 3. That’s it!

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, but the best burger wins! Get in early in case someone steals your idea. Get following, writing and sharing! Competition ends on Sunday 28th June (exactly two weeks from now) and I will pick the winner shortly after.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

16 thoughts on “fatburger competition!!!

  1. Only salt and pepper added to the mince, cooked medium. Few red onion rings, one large gherkin sliced thin, two slices of tomato. Tomato sauce with a dash of mustard. All in a brioche bun. Delicious!

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  2. Ultimate home burger

    1) Press the steak mince, salt pepper down. Cellophane + ramekin + pressure will do nicely
    2) Pan fry in oil remember heat control and moisture retention.
    3) Keep it clean and keep it rare.
    4) Soak up the pan juices plus with your British bap – don’t be taken in by brioche hubris
    5) Add ketchup + slice of of processed cheese
    6) Devour alone standing up.

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  3. – Seasoned meat patty cooked medium
    – thinly sliced piece of steak cooked medium rare
    – slice of gherkin
    – lettuce
    – crispy onions
    – topped with spicy mayonnaise
    – served in a brioche bun
    – yum

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  4. Dear Halal You!

    What an awesome idea!! Okay so I tried my hardest to narrow it down to one burger (I had four in mind!) but just couldn’t so thought I would add a Non-Vegetarian and a Vegetarian option.

    This is what I thought of as soon as I read about your competition! Please know these were just what my brain churned up so have no clue how they would taste in real but I would sure like to try making and devouring them!

    Here goes….

    Malay Burger

    As the name suggests it would have Malaysian influences so I imagine lamb or chicken mince marinated with fresh crushed lemongrass, garlic, ginger, crushed peanuts, pepper, chili, freshly made tamarind sauce and perhaps a few kaffir lime leaves. This should be kept overnight so all the yumminess gets soaked in. Once patted together it should be grilled to perfection with juices oozing over and aroma engulfing your nostrils (in a good way!). You could have it in normal poofy burger bun so as not to interfere with any of the flavors already within the burger.

    Toppings according to taste with it being fresh salad, veggies of your choice, roasted peanuts in a creamy chili coconut sauce or peanut sauce, a choice of fresh pineapple or even for the more adventurous you could add guava (slightly mashed) or mango.

    If you want to add two layers or a combination you could add meat, chicken or prawn satay. So for example if you had a chicken burger, you can add a couple of pieces of lamb satay. This is all down to preference but the burger on its own would be divine!

    Yes, I am totally biased as I love Malaysian food! 🙂

    Breezing Baraazi Burger

    Baraazi or Pigeon Peas boiled and mashed mixed with a variety of spices such as coriander, ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, pili pili mbuzi (Goat Pepper), onion and grated coconut. Mix it all well and make it into a burger patty. Cook till it looks too delicious to resist.

    Toppings could be fresh salad accompanied with veggies of your choice (you have the salad grilled or stir fried) and thick coconut sauce (mixed with crushed fresh mint, salt, chili and lemon). If you feel you need more flavor, then you could make a sauce with fresh tamarind and pili pili mbuzi. You could then add either Mogo (Cassava) or chili Matoke (Plantain) chips to add the crunchy effect.

    However, what I would do is make mini Mandazis (Swahili Coconut Donut) which would be chip size and add to it so it would be like having Baraazi and Mandazi on the go! You complement this with a cup of chai or glass of freshly squeezed passion fruit juice and voilà…bliss!

    I better stop now as all this is making me super hungry! Thank you for allowing us to express what we dream off when it comes to burgers!:)

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  5. Hmmmmmm… Burger! Yum yum yum!

    Ok so my burger would be:
    1.Buttermilk fried crispy chicken
    2. Spicy slaw
    3. Red onion
    4. Jalpenos
    5. Buffalo spicy mayo sauce
    6. Cajun Swiss cheese
    7. Toasted brioche bun

    Burger heaven!

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  6. Asalaam Walaikum.
    The ultimate burger in my mind is made up of 5 key aspects.

    1)The bun
    2)The condiments
    3)The sauce
    4)The Meat
    5)The name

    Every good burger should have a name which tingles your taste buds before even taking the first bite.

    My burger would be called ‘The sweet kiss’. I chose this name for various reasons as you will see below and also the fact that the burger almost kisses you whilst you eat it.

    I would use a freshly baked sweet Brioche bun which I would toast on the grill with butter.
    I would then caramelise sweet red onions with butter and dark chocolate sauce. This is to give it that extra depth of flavour. I would top this with melted feta cheese.
    For the sauces I would use a hot BBQ honey sauce.

    The meat. Well, I would use a Slow cooked brazed beef brisket cooked for a long and slow 6 hours which upon picking up would instantly shred into thin fibres. To further add another level of flavour I would use some of the meat drippings left over from
    cooking the brisket and mix it with sweet honey BBQ sauce and cook for another 2 hours.

    This would be my ultimate burger (made my mouth water just writing this)

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    1. **Winner Winner Winner**

      Congratulations Saif, you have won the competition! A voucher for a meal for two at Fatburger will be on its way to you shortly.

      Your burger not only had some delicious, yet unusual ingredients, the process and description was mouth-watering! Very well deserved 🙂


  7. Falafel burger… Patty made of crushed coriander and broad beans, with a sprinkling of cumin. Humous and tahini as sauce with a dash of chilli. Cucumber, lettuce and red cabbage piled on top.

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  8. Homemade Big Mac with Big Mac Sauce.. I made this and it worked a treat! Hey Hey Hey!

    The patty and selma!
    Two 2oz Beef patties – Pure beef only. Not mixed with anything except salt and pepper. About 1cm thickness.

    The Bun:
    Get a seeded bun.. big un-sliced one. Cut the bun into three parts for two layer stack. Toast the bun for 30 seconds.
    The Dressing (Big Mac Sauce):
    Teaspoon of (Bart coloured) Coleman’s Mustard
    Diced onions 1 table spoon
    Diced (Marge head) Gherkins 1 tablespoon
    Mayonnaise. Two tablespoon
    Dash of Vinegar, 1 teaspoon
    Mix together and chill for 1 hour in the fridge.

    Lettuce, diced onions, 4 gherkin pickles slices, 1 cheese slice.

    The Assembly
    1. Place patties on the grill and let it cook for about 8 minutes till preferred
    2. Whilst patties are cooking toast all three sections of the bun for 45 seconds
    3. Dress the bottom layer with mac sauce, onions, lettuce and pickle and cheese place 1st pattie.
    4. Dress middle layer with sauce, onions and lettuce and pattie.
    5. Now add the Crown.. Boom! Homemade Big Mac even Homer Simpson would be proud of!



  9. So I thought I might be the only one posting a veggie burger recipe but noticed the ones above – sounds delicious, definitely trying them out next time!!

    This is what I made last weekend on the bbq :).

    -boiled sweetcorn and peas
    -black and cannelini beans
    -plain flour and oats for binding
    -spices (I used chipotle paste, green chillies and some cayenne pepper)
    -seasoning (salt, pepper and cumin)

    Whizz all the above in a strong food processor, make into patties and stick on the bbq (or in the oven)! Serve in fresh seeded rolls with salad, some English mustard and coleslaw – so simple yet yummy!

    Sona xx

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